13 Free Sales Tracking Spreadsheets For FAST Pipeline Growth

Your sales pipeline is that thick wavy line that is your sales process. You know that it’s important to manage it, but when you need to know where you’re at in the pipeline, how do you do that? One option is to track sales in a spreadsheet. If you need a quick solution and don’t want to get bogged down in complicated software, then read this post and find a free spreadsheet to help you track your sales pipeline.

Everyone has to have a pipeline. Some have more than others. This pipeline is how you will get new customers and/or increase your revenue. If you don’t have a pipeline, what good are you? It is a continuous process of getting new customers and/or generating new revenue.

As any business owner will tell you, sales and marketing are the most vital parts of running a business. With that being said, it is hard for any business to manage their sales pipeline, and it is even harder to maintain a constant growth in your pipeline. In this article, we will highlight some free sales tracking spreadsheets that can help you keep track of your pipeline and manage your sales process. We will also show you how to install the programs on your computer and how to share them with your team to get things moving.

Do you want to learn how to use sales monitoring spreadsheets and excel templates to keep track of sales and build your pipeline more effectively?

You’ve come to the right place!

We’re giving you this free sales tracking template library!

Before we get started, you should be aware that the sales tech environment has seen 700+ new SaaS companies. Using automation to improve your sales process is still a hot topic.

The risk here is that you’ll fall victim to the new-shiny-object syndrome, which wastes more time than it saves.

Believe it or not, Microsoft Excel can still help you achieve a lot of amazing things with spreadsheets and word documents.

Feel free to use these tried-and-true templates to keep track of your sales pipeline, activities, forecasts, pay plans, and sales rep performance, among other things.


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Spreadsheets and Excel Templates for Sales Tracking

True sales leaders are continuously learning, researching, and practicing to improve their skills. If you don’t have an excellent regular training program in place for yourself or your reps, you’ll be left behind by those that do.

Of course, you may improve your sales abilities by incorporating modern sales technologies into your sales process. But what if you don’t have the time or resources to implement new platforms and systems? Or, much worse, even a rudimentary understanding of how to keep track of sales?

If that’s the case, Microsoft Excel will save the day.

The upcoming template collection will provide a handy set of twelve spreadsheet and word doc templates for you to utilize – these tools are great for monitoring sales.

These sales monitoring spreadsheets are excellent for keeping track of your company’s progress and spotting problem areas.

These aren’t difficult models that will take you weeks to master. These are simple excel spreadsheets and documents that any sales leader or representative can use right now to enhance their sales process.

What You Can Do With Your Sales Tracking Templates

Salespeople no longer require complicated, over-bloated models and spreadsheets since there are so many great sales tools accessible nowadays.

However, in order to fully immerse oneself in the job at hand, we suggest keeping a certain degree of manual reporting, sales monitoring, and documentation.

It’s all too tempting in today’s fast-paced world of social media and other distractions to hastily check your sales statistics for 5 minutes and then return to Instagram.

Our free sales templates (or ones you design yourself) can help you plan your sales programs more confidently, based on facts and results rather of gut instinct.

These spreadsheets are great for keeping track of sales goals and keeping you focused on your goals.

Use the links below to get our free sales tracking templates (Ideal For Desktop Users)

Pro tip: Make a duplicate of these templates by downloading and saving them.

All of the templates are editable and free to use. You may either modify them to make them better or utilize them as is.

Templates for Sales Pipelines and Forecasting

1. Sales Pipeline Template by Sales Hacker

A simple pipeline tracker worksheet to assist you in getting a 10,000-foot perspective of your pipeline each quarter. You can also use it to make a sales forecast, adjusting the weighting based on the likelihood of each step in the sales funnel.

how to keep track of sales pipeline


2. The Pipeline Velocity Analyzer is a tool that measures the speed of a pipeline.

The mother of all sales KPIs is pipeline velocity. To learn more about how minor changes in your pipeline variables may affect your findings, use this spreadsheet.

sales pipeline tracker


Email Templates and Sales Outreach

3. Ecosystem Outreach Spreadsheet for Sales Hacker Tech Press

Getting press is difficult. The procedure necessitates the use of sales skills and outreach. This document gives you a comprehensive breakdown of the tech-focused media sources you’ll need to obtain coverage from in order to have a successful PR campaign.

press outreach tracker


4. Weekly Activity Spreadsheet for Cold Email Sales

If cold email is your primary method of prospecting, you’ll need separate sheets to monitor your sales email system. This basic sheet should assist you in laying the groundwork for your tracking.

weekly sales activity tracker


5. Sequence Builder by Sales Hacker

Breaking into your target accounts requires a well-defined sales process. The execution of the sequence is made simpler by following a consistent procedure. Create your ideal sales sequence with the help of this page.

sales tracking sequence builder


Templates for Tracking Sales Activity

6. SDR’s Day-to-Day Attack Plan

Make sure your SDRs fill out this document on a regular basis to assist them coordinate their daily strategy. This aids them in structuring their outbound activities and considering the day’s intended objectives.

SDR daily planner


7. Scorecard for Sales Activity

To get consistent results, you must predict your activity levels on a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis. Because you have control over your activities, you should utilize this sheet to assist you manage them.

sales activity tracker


8. Sales Call Scheduler

The majority of salespeople are renowned for their lack of preparation. To enhance your sales performance, use this document to pre-plan all of your sales calls.

sales call planner


Templates for Sales Management and Performance

9. Sales Manager One-on-One Coaching Scheduler

The greatest leverage activity in the sales organization is coaching and managing sales representatives. Make the most of your weekly meetings by using this document.

sales coaching planner


10. Action Plan for Improving Performance

It’s difficult to sell something. Many reps will be eliminated. A PIP may assist them in getting into gear. Salespeople may use ideas from sales literature in addition to the Performance Improvement Plan. These books will make you a better salesman, a better leader, and a better person overall.

PIP template


Calculator for SDR Performance

It may be difficult to assign income to SDRs and to establish objectives that keep your CAC in check. You may use this calculator and spreadsheet template to figure out what your SDR’s objectives should be and how their success affects your bottom line income.

SDR performance tracker


Templates for Sales Compensation

Worksheet for a Sales Compensation Plan

Your remuneration strategy has an impact on your capacity to recruit top personnel as well as the overall effectiveness of your sales force. Follow this 8-step template to create (or re-create) a sales compensation plan from the bottom up, from establishing seniority levels and OTE to predicting future pay and commissions.

A successful compensation plan should be simple to execute and beneficial to all parties involved. It should also serve as an incentive for workers, encouraging them to achieve the company’s objectives.

sales compensation template


Agreement on a Sales Compensation Plan

You’ll need a formal method to convey your pay plan to your representatives, as well as a written agreement on the plan. This template provides a basic beginning point for your comp plan and records it in an easy-to-understand manner.

sales compensation contract example


Important Takeaways

Tracking one’s performance is one of the keys to business success for every salesman worth their salt. These sales tracking spreadsheets are a great method to keep track of your sales and assess your company. These templates show salespeople how to keep track of sales, manage sales, and even evaluate sales success.

The sales pipeline and forecasting templates are useful for predicting your company’s incoming earnings and for making important decisions like budgeting and recruiting.

Aside from that, here’s a list of additional things you’ll find helpful if you want to succeed in sales. These applications may be used to keep track of management, save time, and even boost productivity.

FAST Pipeline is a sales tracking solution for any manufacturer who is selling through Amazon. The purpose of this blog post is to point out three free spreadsheets for you to download, use and review. These spreadsheets are free to use and can be found below. Use these spreadsheets as a resource to better manage your sales and keep focused on your top customers.. Read more about sales tracking spreadsheet google sheets and let us know what you think.

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