77 Motivational Sales Quotes To Inspire Your Team in 2024

If you are a manager, you know the importance of not only motivating your team but inspiring them to rise to the occasion when they need it most. Whether your talent is sales, or marketing, or customer service, or engineering, or any other talent, you know that the most important part of leading a team is to take the time to inspire them to perform to their best.

Selling in today’s marketplace is a challenge unlike anything we have known in the past. The competition is fierce. Many companies feel they can’t afford to have talented sales staff. Others are looking for ways to ensure the sales staff they have is productive. And for still others, it is about the quality of product or service they provide. But no matter what the problem, motivational sales quotes can help. Here are 77 motivational sales quotes to inspire your team in 2024.

You’re all fired up and ready to go in 2024. You have a plan, a content strategy, and a launch strategy. You’re ready to hit the ground running. You feel motivated and ready to conquer the 2018 landscape. But wait. Before you get into full-on sales mode, stop for a moment and take a look around. There’s something different afoot. You can sense it. It’s a time for bold ideas, big changes, and radical new strategies. This is a time for 2019.

Sales may be a real pain in the neck. Even the most self-motivated salesmen need assistance from time to time in order to get fired up. That’s when motivational and inspiring sales quotations come in handy.

I’ve compiled a collection of the most inspiring sales quotations ever – the ones that get me pumped and ready to take on the world. Let’s hope they motivate you when you need a boost.

I’ve drawn inspiration from some of the best sales books of all time, sales executives I admire, and essentially anybody who has ever outperformed their competition.

With the exception of Genghis Khan. That jerk was a jerk.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Motivate Your Sales Teams with Inspiring Sales Quotes

motivational quote from Jori Richardson about activity vs accomplishment

Attitude Sales Quotes that Motivate

  1. “What is the one thing you’ve been putting off or dreaded doing? That’s your brain telling you it’s the most important and next thing you should do. Complete the task. Don’t be afraid. Do.“ Nancy Nardin (Nancy Nardin)
  2. “Assume your prospects have already hired you and begin working with them.” Jill Konrath is a writer who lives in New York City.

motivational quote from John Wooden about making mistakes

  1. “If you’re not making errors, you’re not trying hard enough.” — Wooden, John
  2. “Leadership is a decision, not a position,” says the author. Stephen Covey is a well-known author and motivational speaker.
  3. “Opportunities do not present themselves. You are the one who makes them.“ — Grosser, Chris
  4. “Responsibility begets accountability.” Stephen Covey is a well-known author and motivational speaker.
  5. “Leaders must be near enough to connect with others while yet being far enough ahead to inspire them.” — Maxwell, John C.
  6. “Set a good example. Are you punctual? Are you a seasoned professional? Are you married? As sales leaders, we must establish high standards for ourselves and our teams.“ Lori Richardson (Lori Richardson)
  7. “A good mindset is the foundation of excellent performance (and great service).” Jeffrey Gitomer is a writer who lives in New York City.
  8. “Listening is perhaps the most powerful thing we can do.“ – Burg, Bob
  9. “Stop using the word ‘later.’ You ARE NOT going to do it later. Make a decision to do it or not to do it.” — Brogan, Chris
  10. “Treat your salesman like the most important client you have—because he is!” Colleen Stanley is a writer who lives in the United States.
  11. “A salesperson’s ethics and values matter more than methods or plans when it comes to sales success.” Willingham, Ron
  12. “Earning outcomes is more essential than getting recognition for a leader.” – Burg, Bob
  13. “Success is contingent on prior preparation, while failure is a certain conclusion without such preparation.” Confucius –
  14. “Successful individuals are ready to do what failed ones are not. Things’s not about wishing it were easy; it’s about wishing you were better.” Jim Rohn is a motivational speaker.
  15. “The only limitations you impose on yourself are the ones you impose on your own thinking.” Brian Tracy (Brian Tracy)
  16. “When a group accepts responsibility for a problem, the issue is solved.” Jocko Willink is a Dutch footballer.
  17. “You receive what you concentrate on.” – Burg, Bob
  18. “I never think of failure as a failure; instead, I view it as a game that I must play and win.” Hopkins, Tom
  19. “When you attempt fresh and unusual methods, expect to make some mistakes.” Harvey Mackay is a British author.
  20. “Motivation nearly always triumphs over talent.” – Norman Augustine, Ralph
  21. “Always give it your all. You will reap the benefits of what you sow now.” – Mandino, Og
  22. “Become the person who attracts the outcomes you desire.” Jim Cathcart is a writer who lives in the United States.
  23. “Be a good one, whatever you are.” — President Abraham Lincoln
  24. “To achieve exceptional outcomes, it is not necessary to do extraordinary things.” Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett)
  25. “Learning ability is our greatest advantage.“ Wang(CEO of the Jewellery Story)

Prospecting Quotes That Will Inspire You

  1. “It is the cold that is dead – not the calling… I agree that no one should be “cold” calling anymore – meaning having a name & number, but lacking a compelling reason to call.” – Trish Bertuzzi
  2. “Every email is a chance to try out a new benefit or angle.” Heather R Morgan, Ph.D.
  3. “In sales, there is no such thing as an easy button. Prospecting is difficult, emotionally exhausting labor, but it is the price you must pay to make a good living.” Blount, Jeb
  4. “Instruct your prospects to pay attention and open and read your emails. Encourage them not to discard or disregard your communications because they are inconsistent or of little benefit to them.” Bridget Gleason (Bridget Gleason)
  5. “High-level customers like to speak with individuals who are more knowledgeable than they are. They are looking for insight rather than information.” Barbara Weaver Smith is a writer who lives in the United States.
  6. “Prospects decide whether or not to buy from you based on whether or not they believe you understand their issues and have the expertise, resources, and dedication to solve them.” Trish Bertuzzi is a writer who lives in New York City.
  7. “The important thing is to avoid calling the decision-maker. The trick is to get in touch with the decision-maker.” Jeffrey Gitomer is a writer who lives in New York City.

Selling Slogans for Sales Teams

  1. “In the sales industry, ABC stood for Always Be Closing before LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It now signifies “Always Be Connected.” Jill Rowley is a writer who lives in New York City.
  2. “Consider complaints to be pleas for further information.” Brian Tracy (Brian Tracy)
  3. “If you want to create a long-term, successful business, you don’t complete a transaction; you start a relationship.” – Fripp, Patricia
  4. “Instead of selling advantages, companies should offer ideas. Sell your concepts. “Not that.” Aaron Ross –

quotations on sales from Thomas Freese

  1. “The things you could ever say are less significant than the questions you ask.” Thomas Freese (Thomas Freese)
  2. “Salespeople often go ahead of the prospect. They anticipate a closure date based on their quota rather than the requirements of the prospect. Asking the client when a transaction will complete is the only way to find out.” Alice Heiman was quoted as saying
  3. “Sellers who pay attention to customers and then provide them with the missing components are the ones that stand out.” Deb Calvert (Deb Calvert)
  4. Selling is all about having meaningful interactions with people and assisting them in improving their business or their lives – Lori Richardson is a well-known actress.
  5. “Selling is basically an emotion transference.” – Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar
  6. “It’s not about interrupting, pitching, or closing anymore. Listening, diagnosing, and prescribing are all part of the process.” — Roberge, Mark
  7. “Selling through social media is the next best thing to being a fly on the wall in your customers’, prospects’, and rivals’ worlds.” Jim Keenan is a writer who lives in the United States.
  8. “Salespeople do not create client acquisition development in high-productivity sales companies; they fulfill it.” Aaron Ross –
  9. “During sales conversations, effective individuals ask a lot more questions than their less successful colleagues.” — Rackham, Neil

Motivators for Closing Deals in Sales

  1. “Closing isn’t a magic trick. There aren’t any magic words. The decision to close the transaction is entirely based on the circumstances.” Alice Heiman was quoted as saying
  2. “Sales is a result, not a goal,” says the author. It’s the result of doing a lot of things well, from the time you target a prospective client to the moment you close the deal.” Jill Konrath is a writer who lives in New York City.
  3. “The actual issue with closing is not identifying or diagnosing the prospect’s issues properly in the first place.” Keith Eades (Keith Eades)
  4. Customers aren’t concerned with features; they’re concerned with finding solutions to their issues. Trish Bertuzzi is a writer who lives in New York City.
  5. “Identifying something about them that you truly admire is a simple approach to convince consumers that you genuinely like them.” – Hoffeld, David
  6. “The core of the sell is the story.” — Pollard, Matthew
  7. “If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, the prospect won’t either.” – Bettger, Frank
  8. “Buyers won’t trust whatever you say about your product or service until they believe in you first.” Deb Calvert (Deb Calvert)
  9. Steli Efti says, “Humanize the sales process or die.”
  10. “Whether you complete the sale or not, they don’t care. They are concerned on growing their company. In the midst of a sales cycle, it’s easy to lose sight of this.” Aaron Ross –
  11. “There are five fundamental barriers to any sale: no need, no money, no urgency, no desire, and no trust.” – Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar

Sales Strategy Quotations

  1. “Having the proper opportunity isn’t the issue. It’s all about how you handle opportunities.” – Hunter, Mark
  2. “Remember, people believe it when THEY say it, not when WE say it,” Shari Levitin says.
  3. Buyers deal with you, not your organization or your technology.” Joanne Black, author
  4. “If you don’t understand their business, you can’t offer a mutually advantageous business relationship.” — Rosenberg, Craig
  5. “If you offer to educate them anything of value, you will attract much more customers than if you just attempt to sell them your product or service.” Chet Holmes (Chet Holmes)
  6. “The proper mix of quality human contact and judicious use of supplementary technologies is the key to sales success.” Deb Calvert (Deb Calvert)
  7. “Batman is the sales compensation scheme, and Robin is the sales contest.” — Roberge, Mark
  8. “According to statistics, when consumers complain, company owners and managers should be ecstatic. The disgruntled consumer offers a tremendous potential for more revenue.” – Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar, Ziglar
  9. “Killer Salespeople Expose the Real Issues Underlying Desired Solutions.” Aaron Ross –
  10. “You can turn sales complexity into a ruthless competitive edge if you harness the force of innovation.” Tim Sanders is a writer.

Sales Quotes to Help You Stay Focused and Achieve Your Goals

sales team slogans from Robert Collier

  1. “Success is the accumulation of little efforts that are continued day after day.” – Collier, Robert
  2. “If you filter everything you do, say, and pitch, you can enhance almost every statistic you care about today.” Matt Heinz (Matthew Heinz)
  3. “Leaders must communicate both the why and the what.” — Doerr, John
  4. “Most instant triumphs took a long time if you look closely.” — Apple CEO Steve Jobs
  5. “Success is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.” Bobby Unser is an American racing driver.
  6. “Rather of traveling the old pathways of recognized success, you should set out on new paths if you wish to succeed.” – Rockefeller, John D.
  7. “Success is a science; you receive the outcome if the circumstances are met.” Oscar Wilde –
  8. “Numbers by themselves will not solve anything. They will, however, assist you in determining the source of the problem.” – Efti Steli
  9. “You have no idea what you’re doing until you can explain it as a process.” – Deming, Edward
  10. “What are you managing if you don’t have a clear process that pushes your employees ahead so they can get better results?” Keith Rosen –

That concludes our discussion.

I hope some of these motivational sales quotes piqued your interest and made your pulse beat faster. Let me know if I left out a quotation that you find motivating as a salesman in the comments!

You can’t motivate your team without first motivating yourself. It’s important to have a healthy head on your shoulders, and it’s even more important to feel good about yourself. Successful leaders know that one of the biggest obstacles to self-improvement is a lack of self-confidence. There are no shortcuts to success, and your success is only as good as your mindset.. Read more about sales quotes during covid and let us know what you think.

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I dont know what the future holds, but I do know that the present is pretty good.
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What are some good sales quotes?

Im not a salesman. Im a saleswoman. I dont know what the future holds, but I do know that the present is pretty good. If youre going to be thinking anyway, think big. Its never too late to have a happy childhood.

What to say to encourage sales?

You can say that Beat Saber is an amazing game and you should buy it.

How do you motivate your sales team when sales are down?

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