Choosing the Best Laptop for Working From Home

Coronavirus is raging in the world, a regime of self-isolation has been declared in the country. Organizations have gone remote. In order not to stretch your legs from hunger or boredom, you need a good laptop.

We looked at all the models that are relevant today and made a top-3 list to choose the best laptop for working from home. Each of them is good in its own way: budget option for work, powerful for graphical calculations, fast for programmers, and so on… Enjoy reading!

Budget option for working from home

Notebook HP 15-dw0007ur


Reliable and inexpensive “workhorse”. A 15-inch monitor is more than enough for working with documents and work applications. You do not have to squint and strain your eyes to see something on the screen.

The heart of the system is a quad-core Core i5 8265U processor. Its clock frequency is 1600 GHz. The video card is an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620, perfect for solving office tasks. But you have to play with nightmarish friezes. But you’re not taking this laptop for gaming, are you?

The RAM in our “horse” was originally 8 GB. If desired, you can buy another die and double the volume. Moreover, this generation of DDR4 is the most advanced for today.

Files and folders with folders are stored on a reliable solid state drive (SSD) with 256 gigabytes of memory. And if electricity suddenly disappears in the outlet, the battery will last for 8 hours of autonomy.

Reliable laptop for travel

Notebook HP 240 G7


Notebook HP 240 G7 – light and small in size. A good choice for business trips, tourist trips and even outings to the country for barbecue. The laptop case is reliably protected from scratches, so your cat will have to look for another scratching post. The 14-inch matte screen has LED backlighting and anti-reflective coating so you can see texts and pictures in any weather.

Inside this wagon is an Intel Core i3 and 8 GB of DDR4 generation RAM. You can easily cram 256 GB of all sorts of differences and usefulness onto a high-speed SSD drive. Video card – integrated Intel HD Graphics 620.

Among other “pieces of iron” stand out HDMI-port and connectors for USB 2.0 – 1 piece and 3.0 – 2 pieces. Access to the network – through the network connector RJ-45.

The laptop weighs a ridiculous one and a half kilograms. And its lithium-ion battery will sit down after 12 hours of battery life. HP 240 G7 is equally well suited for processing photos, texts, videos, as well as web surfing. At the same time, the laptop has a high compactness, security and unpretentiousness.

Powerful laptop for designers, photographers and architects



This laptop has already been chosen by “doters” and “tankers”. But let’s tell you a secret – it is also good for design work and photo editing. This handsome man is dressed in metal and charcoal-colored plastic with vertical polishing. At the same time, the case is thin – only 32 millimeters in height.


You can edit and view photos in Full HD mode on a comfortable 17.3-inch display with an IPS matrix and clear color reproduction. Designers, architects, artists and video editors have already tried it and are impressed with the result.

The “heart” of the laptop is a powerful and productive Core i7-7700HQ with four cores. The default RAM slot is 8GB DDR4. This is criminally small for such a powerful machine. We recommend increasing the amount of RAM as soon as possible. Both you and your laptop will be satisfied with the result if the RAM becomes 16 or 32 GB.

The video card here is an aggressively fast discrete nVidia GeForce with a GTX 1050 chipset, GDDR5 memory type and 2 gigabytes. The system supports the DirectX 12 interface and the OpenGL 4.5 library.

There are two hard drives here at once: a 1 terabyte HDD and a 128 GB SSD. Where to put all these gigabytes now – figure it out for yourself.
All this filling is cooled by the Cooling Overboost system with the ability to adjust the speed of the coolers. And the keys have a beautiful night illumination.

The main disadvantages of the laptop are its 3-kilogram weight (bearable) and rather biting price (scary). But for such a top-end kit, it’s not a sin to fork out.