CYCLICA, Leader in Sales of Reconditioned Equipment

In a world where sustainability and reducing environmental impact have become priorities, that is why we invite you to discover CYCLICA, one of the companies that have emerged as leaders in the sale of reconditioned equipment.

With the mission of extending the life cycles of equipment, it not only offers an economical alternative for its customers but also actively contributes to the circular economy.

CYCLICA offers its clients the opportunity to reuse equipment by acquiring machinery and spare parts of optimal quality, promoting a new way of marketing used units focused on sustainability and user trust.

There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of the circular economy by prolonging the useful life of equipment and significantly reducing the use of raw materials and the energy used in the manufacture of new components.

Based on this vision, CYCLICA aspires to become the leading platform in the global market for reconditioned equipment, prioritizing transparency and quality in the information offered about the equipment.

Thus, Finanzauto reinforces its position as an innovative leader in the positive transformation of the industry, promoting solutions that promote efficiency and cutting-edge in the sector.

A New Way of Understanding the Sale of Used Units


CYCLICA differentiates itself in the market for its focus on sustainability and the trust of its users. By giving a second life to equipment, the company not only reduces the amount of electronic waste generated but also reduces the consumption of raw materials and the energy necessary to manufacture new components.

Tesya Group, the parent company of Finanzauto, launched this international and connected company that seeks to be a world leader in the sustainable development of the industry. CYCLICA offers customers thousands of machines, engines, spare parts, and industrial equipment, backed by specialists who provide personalized advice and guarantee the quality of reconditioned equipment.

Also, among this variety of equipment are dumpers, trucks, generator sets, excavators, loaders, forestry machinery, backhoes, and backhoes.

CYCLICA is much more than a company that sells reconditioned equipment. It is a pioneering initiative in the market that represents a significant change in the way we understand sustainability in the industry.

With a philosophy based on the circular economy, it stands out for its commitment to preserving the well-being of the environment.

Quality and Transparency in Reconditioned Machinery

The commitment to quality in reconditioned machinery CYCLICA recognizes the importance of a comprehensive approach in the life cycle of its products, where each moment and each customer are fundamental.

Excellence and sustainability are sought, applying this philosophy both to our company and to our offer of products and services.

The goal is to ensure progress for both ourselves and our clients. All products undergo a thorough review by our specialized technicians, and our activity is based on the transparency and veracity of the information, demonstrating a long-term commitment.

Quality Principles

At CYCLICA they are governed by four fundamental pillars: competition, rigor, transparency, and plurality. They have a team of professionals with experience and proven results at an international level, providing you with greater opportunities and accompanying you at all times to offer you professional support adapted to your needs so we invite you to discover CYCLICA

Personalized Advice

With a global presence in multiple countries, they offer you a comprehensive service that optimizes your time and resources.



What Type of Machinery Can Be Found on the Platform?

CYCLICA is an international platform for the purchase and sale of used machinery that belongs to the TESYA group. Offer a wide variety of industrial equipment, from heavy machinery to spare parts and engines.

How can I buy Machinery at CYCLICA?

To buy machinery at CYCLICA, simply browse the catalog, select the equipment you are interested in, and follow the steps to make the purchase safely and efficiently. When you show interest in machinery, a commercial agent will contact you.

How can I sell my Machinery at CYCLICA?

If you want to sell your used machinery, follow the steps indicated in CYCLICA, send accurate information and photographs, and establish a competitive price. A commercial agent will contact you.

What is the Shipping and Delivery Process for the Purchased Machinery?

The shipping and delivery process may vary depending on location and type of machinery. CYCLICA facilitates communication with a commercial agent to coordinate shipping logistics. It is important to agree on the details before finalizing the transaction.