How to Write a Sales Email That Gets Responses From Leads

When it comes to sending follow-up emails, one of the most important things to remember is to keep it short and sweet. And that’s not just because the inbox is already filled with messages that feel way too long, clogging up the recipient’s pipeline. It’s also because a long sales email could cause your recipient to lose interest in your product or service. (You don’t want your prospective client to feel as if you’re desperate, right?) So, try to keep your sales email to a single-page format. That way, it’s easier to see what you’re offering and easier for potential clients to respond to, and it’s also easier for you to follow up if necessary.

Sales emails can be a hurdle for any company, but they can make the difference between success and failure. After all, if you can’t land a response from a lead, you have nothing to go on, and your business could be in danger. But how do you write an email that is direct, professional and, most importantly, gets the response you want?

For most people, every day is filled with new tasks, emails, phone calls, and text messages. What’s more, you may have more than one person who you need to communicate with, and you want your message to be memorable and useful. A great way to help you achieve this goal is with a sales email. A sales email is a useful tool for getting responses from potential clients, and it’s a great way to send a message to those who have expressed interest in your products or services.. Read more about how to write a sales email examples and let us know what you think.

Anyone may read how to write a sales email on a blog, but not everyone can write one that converts.

Get this: the typical employee spends almost a fourth of their workday in their inbox, making email an important component of communication, particularly in sales. Email, on the other hand, may become irritating, ineffective, and impersonal.

To assist you in breaking down those obstacles, I’ve created a playbook to assist you in writing the finest sales emails that generate results in your sector. Rather than being a burden, emailing prospects will become enjoyable.

  1. Keep Your Sales Email Short & Sweet
  2. Always include a call to action in your message.
  3. Don’t be afraid to set deadlines for yourself.
  4. Make the most of new technology.
  5. Personalize Your Sales Emails for God’s Sake!
  6. Take it Outside of the Inbox

1. Keep Your Sales Email Short & Sweet

Long sales emails may backfire, prompting recipients to delete or ignore them. The trick is to send emails that are straightforward, enjoyable to read, and to the point. If your email requires continuous scrolling, it’s likely to wind up in the trash.

The key to creating the ideal sales email for your prospects is to include enough information in a manner that is both educational and entertaining. You don’t want your emails to be repetitive or dull, otherwise you’ll be talking to yourself in your prospect’s inbox, wasting time and money.

This technique is known as “infotainment,” which combines information with fun. It entails presenting your information in a manner that is both entertaining and beneficial to your prospects.

According to studies, the optimum length for a sales email is between 50 and 125 words. Pushing yourself to 200 words is OK, but you don’t want to go any longer.

While your sales emails should be brief, they should also be tidy and well-organized. Always double-check for quality assurance! To prevent expensive spelling mistakes, use a program like Grammarly.

You should also try seeing it on a smartphone screen, since it’s highly likely to be opened on one.

2. Don’t forget to include a call to action.

how to write a sales email call to action

If you’re sending a sales email to a prospect, you’re probably anticipating a response. While drafting your email, ask yourself a few questions: why are you sending this email? What are your expectations for the outcome?

CTAs, or Call To Actions, are used in sales communications to encourage people to take action. It’s a sentence that explains exactly what to do and how to accomplish it to the user. CTAs encourage prospects to take a certain action while also instructing them on how to do so.

What constitutes a strong call to action? The following qualities must be present in a strong CTA:

Strong action verbs, such as shop, order, or purchase, may be seen on websites such as online shops. The greatest sales emails have clear and explicit action verbs that outline exactly what you want your prospects to perform.

Uses Strong Words: Strong words may be employed to generate strong emotional reactions from potential customers. They create a feeling of urgency and excitement in the audience, encouraging them to respond on your call to action. Writing sales emails that generate replies is easy when you use strong language.

Gives a Rationale: Your reason should spell out exactly what the prospect stands to benefit. Whether it’s to save money or invest in a particular concept, your CTA should provide value and motivation.

If you want to arrange a meeting, provide a particular day and time, as well as useful information like the length of the meeting.

Here’s an illustration:

 “I’d want to schedule a 30-minute meeting with you to show you how we can assist you obtain more quality leads. “How are things at 10 a.m. on Thursday?”

This email is not only brief and sweet, but it also includes a clear call to action. It’s simpler for the receiver to agree if you provide a date and time. In addition, the CTA contains a rationale that informs the prospect of what they will benefit.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Set Time Limits

sales emails that get responses

Give a deadline if you’re waiting for a response to a proposal. Of course, do it in a stylish manner. Make it clear that this isn’t an ultimatum. To guarantee that the process goes ahead, you want to create a feeling of urgency while also applying some friendly pressure.

When you mix action phrases with a deadline, you generate a feeling of urgency in the prospect. The deadline serves as a reminder of why it is critical to act quickly. “Limited time,” “hurry while supplies last,” and “download immediately” with a specific deadline are examples of words that generate urgency.

Consider the following:

 “Based on the information we covered today, here is our suggestion. These terms are in effect until Friday EOD. Before then, I’m hoping to hear from you.”

Studies indicate that deadlines are effective. In sales emails, use them to your advantage.

4. Make the most of new technology.

sales email tracking

There are a slew of new sales technologies on the market that may help you improve the efficiency of your email communication. Email trackers may assist salespeople in determining the efficacy of sales emails as well as learning about the habits of prospective customers.

Let’s suppose you sent a proposal to a potential client. With an email tracker, you can observe whether that email was opened and what kind of activity it generated – was it opened many times? Has it been sent to coworkers? Have you seen it in other cities?

You’ll never know what actions your email prompted if you don’t use an email tracker. Because individuals check their email at about the same time every day, an email tracker may also advise you to a suitable time to write a follow-up email or contact them.

Mixmax is another email management program. Mixmax is a productivity software that lets users monitor who has seen emails and when they were viewed, as well as plan conversations and add templated messages.

Users may also monitor emails, synchronize tools, and share their calendars with their reps using Mixmax.

You may also utilize borrowed data for best practices. MailChimp, for example, has done extensive research on sales email benchmarks that may point you in the correct path.

email open rate time of day

Yesware has also conducted significant study into sales emails, which contains a comprehensive list of the finest sales email writing techniques.

5. Personalize Your Sales Emails for God’s Sake!

To begin, email subject lines that are customized are 26 percent more likely to be opened.

Don’t act like a robot. Don’t be a slacker. Put forth the effort and learn as much as you can about your potential client! Look them up on social media to see what they’ve tweeted lately. Look up their business name in the press to see if you can find anything to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.

When contacting a prospect about your product or service, make sure your email does not include information that is readily available on your company’s website.

Instead, concentrate on the one-of-a-kind problem that your product or service can address for the business you’re targeting.

Include a stat or two detailing the positive results that current customers have seen using your product or service to create a more compelling argument. You can also add stories while emailing leads: it’s a great way to sell your product or service. They are entertaining while giving value to your leads. This allows them to process information efficiently.

Personalize your email to inject your personality into every sales email you send as another technique for creating sales emails that attract replies. This establishes a trusting relationship between you and the prospect.

You have a far greater chance of engaging with your prospects if you take the additional effort to write a more customized email.

6. Think Outside the Inbox

The “email first, phone second” approach is common in the sales process. Email should be used to create interest, arrange meetings, and present ideas as a salesman. However, email should not be used for real selling; this should be done by phone or in person.

Your first email contact should entice a prospect to call you or set up an in-person meeting so you can have a more in-depth sales discussion about the details of your product or service.

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Aside from the instructions given above, your email should be divided into three parts.

  • The Intro – Don’t blow it here. The subject and the first few sentences have to be an attention grabber. It’s the difference between getting opened versus getting ignored or blocked. It should be fun but educative, instilling the value that the prospect stands to gain.
  • The main point of your email is the Value Proposition. Keep it focused on value and how you can help your prospect solve an issue. Why should people be interested in you? You’ll receive a response if you provide a clear and straightforward advantage to the prospect. If you don’t, you’re no longer alive in their eyes.
  • The key moment when you tell the recipient precisely what you want them to do is called the call to action. As you would imagine, this has the potential to make or break everything. Remember to include action verbs like purchase, obtain, shop, and order in your CTA. As you would imagine, this has the potential to make or break everything.

What’s your best advice for crafting the ideal email?

As you may have already heard, sending out sales emails can be a pain. You have to create the email, then make sure it’s sent, then keep checking your email for a response. It’s stressful, time-consuming and expensive.. Read more about sales prospecting email templates and let us know what you think.

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