How to Plan a Business Event: 4 Step Planning Guide

Planning a corporate event requires a lot of time and money. You need to find the venue, call the speakers that you would like to talk to the audience, make sure there are some beverages and foods to serve to people. This is essential in case events or conferences last for a day or two.

What you hope to achieve with a business even is to improve the way your company operations. Whether the primary goal is to increase motivation, sales or simply get your employees to acquire certain skills, you need to start planning the event on time. You can find some of the basic tips below:

1. What are the goals and objectives of an event?


The first thing you need to know is the objective of an event. “It is important to know the goals and objectives of the event you are trying to produce before you can do anything else,” said Brian Worley, creative director and owner of B. Worley Productions.

The reason this is important is because it will allow you to find the appropriate venue, to know how many people will participate and what the speakers are that you need to call and book the date.

This isn’t something that should be a corporative event that is held for the sake of it. It must be engaging and meaningful and everyone needs to take something out of it.

2. Use an Event App


The tech we are surrounded today makes this world a simple place to live in. We can do everything using our computers, laptops and various useful apps that are emerging every day.

Having the right Event App Builder will allow you to reach everyone easily, and organize things on the go. You won’t need to use paper and you can have everything in one place. The best thing is that you can have the attendees participate and receive up-to-date information before and during the event.

They can also leave feedback in real-time which will help you solve any potential problems that might emerge during the event.

3. Setting a budget


You need to know with how much money you are working with before you start and how much you can spend. Once you know your budget range, you can start making inquiries regarding your venue and guest speakers.

4. Create a clear timeline


The secret to a successful event is to have a clear timeline. Everyone needs to know when the event starts, when the breaks are and what the concrete plan is. This will allow everyone to be prepared – from speakers to your audience.

Even if you are organizing a virtual event, you should have a clear timeline. Make sure to finish when you planned and don’t keep people longer than they should stay. For virtual events, just make sure, the connection is alright so that you don’t waste time on the technical issues.


These are the basic steps that you should be familiar with when you create an event for your business. The apps usually have more detailed checklists that will help you go through the process smoothly.