10 Sales Voicemail Scripts That Get Calls Returned

We get a lot of calls on our sales voicemail. The calls are usually returned quickly with a “thanks for calling” and a follow up call later. We use a handful of voicemail scripts to give our prospects a quick answer to our calls and to give us the opportunity to offer more information. The … Read more

How To Get a Sales Job in 2024 With No Experience

The job market is changing, and it will become more difficult for people without a college degree to find work. There are, however, a few ways a person can make a living as an entry level sales rep that doesn’t require a college degree. Get ready to build your future in sales. Not with a … Read more

What Not to Do in B2B Sales: 7 Signs You’re Killing the Deal

By now, most salespeople know that a key part of the sales process is that of the prospect: understanding their problems, identifying their needs, understanding their business, and setting expectations. However, there is another part of the process that is just as vital: the follow-up. A deal is either a successful one: a contract, order, … Read more

10 Proven Sales Presentation Tips for Selling to Executives

The number of people who sell their professional services is increasing every single day. In fact, about one out of every three Americans is now a full-time seller of services, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2011 BLS Occupational Employment Statistics. But all this success can come with a price. Many sellers are struggling … Read more