3 Things To Look From When Buying An Electric Longboard

During 90s and 00s, children and teenagers skated everywhere. While many weren’t great at it, skateboarding gave everyone a lot of fun. Among the skaters, there were also those who could perform various tricks, which made skate much more than a means of transportation.

Later, skateboarding was replaced by bicycle, and now the most popular option is electric skateboarding. You don’t need a lot of skills with it and with very little effort you will drive relaxed. However, you have to decide on the right model, so pay attention to the following items.

1. Battery

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In addition to boards and wheels, motorized electric longboard contains specific parts. When buying, you need to know everything about the specifications of a particular model. Your experience depends on its specific components.

So look at the capacity and nature of its battery. There are two most popular types of batteries that are normally installed in these models.

For example, these are SLAs that are run as an outdated model. That is why they are a much cheaper option compared to lithium. The second option may be more expensive, but they are far better, longer lasting and safer.

This means that lithium-ion batteries fully meet all the requirements of the average electric skateboard user. Don’t forget to take care of these batteries. In that case, be careful when filling them.

It is also important to use an adequate charger. Failure to do so may result in severe damage requiring the purchase of a new battery. These batteries will last a very long time if you maintain them properly which makes them a good investment.

2. Engine

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The next important component of electric longboard is the engine. You should focus on the power of the motor and it is expressed in watts (W). Of course, the more watts an electric skate contains, the greater the power of its motor.

There are two configurations on the engine. It is an axial motor, which is built into the wheel and transmits power directly to it. The second configuration is called a “satellite”. Here the power from the engine is transmitted to the wheel via belts.

3. Personal preferences

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Since there are many companies that sell electric skates, you will find a lot of innovative solutions and tempting offers. It is important to stay objective during the selection of the electric skate, because you can often buy what you do not need.

So that you don’t regret your purchase later, don’t forget to check the speed, range, weight, remote control, but also the look of the skate. Think about what you really want and how you plan to use this vehicle.

For example, you may need transportation to a school that is relatively close. This means that you can also opt for lower engine power or a weaker battery. Also consider the characteristics of the route you plan to drive, traffic and all the details.


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Electric longboards are much more than just skates. They are probably the easiest way to move fast, easily overcome uphills and go wherever you want. It is an opportunity to move at high speed and reach your jobs safely.

Best of all, it takes up very little space, is not heavy and you can carry it with you to public transport without any problems.