Loulouka Baby Formula Guide

This brand produces a high quality Dutch product based on the best ingredients for your baby. The quality of this formula is confirmed by European certification, which is a guarantee of its organicity and environmental friendliness. That is why the formula is made in Switzerland, where the environment is clean and the milk collected from cows or goats is as healthy as possible.

The manufacturers of this product do their best to enrich it with nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This is a really good option for those families who are not able to breastfeed and are looking for a great formula that will suit their baby and that will not contain any harmful ingredients. Moreover, Loulouka baby formula refuses to use palm oil, which is a priority for many families. Instead, manufacturers decide to use coconut oil, which in turn helps the child’s body absorb the fat necessary for health.

Priority ingredients for Loulouka  baby formulas

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The absence of palm oil is one of the advantages of these baby formulas, as the manufacturers are aware that its production may adversely affect the environment in the future. In addition, Loulouka is concerned about the amount and composition of vitamins, fats, minerals and nutrients that the child should absorb in order to develop in time and feel good. That is why this milk is filled with all the necessary elements to make baby formulas nutritious and hearty. Analyzing the composition of the formula, we can see that it is high in omega 3 and omega 6, which directly affects the growth and development of the child, as well as strengthening the nervous and visual systems. Another feature of this brand is the use of wheat protein, which also has its effect on the child’s body.

It is distinguished by its ability to be less allergic to the child’s sensitive stomach. Therefore, this formula is ideal for many kids. It is so important to note which products in Loulouka baby formulas are not used. First of all, these are exactly harmful ingredients such as antibiotics, hormones and synthetic substances. Remember that this formula is European certified, so the conditions for creating this formula are quite strict and do not allow the use of such elements that may harm your child. Moreover, this formula stays away from extra sugars, eggs, nuts and soy. That is why it is as gentle as possible to the child’s stomach.

Diversity of Loulouka baby formulas

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The fact that this brand has formulas based on two kinds of milk: cow’s and goat’s, is definitely beneficial for many families that can easily change the baby’s diet by switching the formulas if the child has an allergic reaction. First of all, let’s take formulas based on cow’s milk into consideration. They vary from three stages, which imply different stages of child development.

Stage 1 is suitable for babies from birth and can be easily replaced by Stage 2 and Stage 3 when the child grows up. These formulas are based on the milk of Swiss cows raised in favorable conditions, without any content of various harmful substances such as palm oil, GMOs, antibiotics and artificial additives, as well as the formula based on goat’s milk. In the case of goad milk formula, it’s even suitable for vegetarians, and is divided into two stages: Stage 1 is recommended for use from birth onwards, while Stage 2 – from 6 months onwards.

This formula is in serious competition with other organic formulas because of its availability and high quality. Therefore, it is definitely worth attention and your baby will like it.