8 Money-Saving Tips for Shipping a Vehicle Overseas

Moving from one country to another is not easy. It is hard to leave all your favorite essentials in your previous city. You can pack your bag and carry small items. But what about big things like your car. Many people want to ship their old and favorite car to their new city. But it sounds expensive. There are other feasible options with less risk. The good news is that one can ship old car to the new country you are moving in.

In the following write-up, we will share various money-saving tips that one should follow for shipping an automobile across different countries. It is quite challenging to drive car for such a long distance. There is high risk and chances of accidents. Therefore, driving for such a long-distance needs to be avoided. There are many ways of shipping your favorite car that you must know. Let us have a look at them.

1. Know the Right Timing

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There is a peak season in the automobile industry when the prices are high. Various car shipping companies are busy transporting goods from one country to another. If you ask them to move your car in that season, the shipping is quite expensive for you. But it is better to avoid the peak season if you want to save all your money.

You have to search for the perfect time when you can send your vehicle at a low cost. If we talk about the peak time for coast shipping, it starts in May and ends in September. But if you need to ship your vehicle from north to south, it is better to avoid months in spring and autumn fall. You can wait for the best time when you can easily ship your automobile at an affordable price.

2. Prefer Transportation Terminal-to-Terminal

If you want the convenience of shipping the vehicle, you need to pay more money for the additional service. Everyone likes to hire a company that picks up your automobile from your old home and drops it to the new location. But it is an expensive service.

Instead, you can drive your vehicle to the terminal, and after the vehicle transportation, you can take your car from another terminal and drive it to your new location. You must prepare your automobile yourself for shipment and save all your money on additional services. The risk on the terminal route will be all yours, and hence, it is an amazing money-saving tip for you.

3. Consider Open Transportation

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If you are searching for the money-saving shipping option, you can send your vehicle uncovered over the entire distance. There are chances of damage, but you can save a lot of money. If you agree to repairs after receiving your vehicle with some damages, you can prefer open transportation.

Compared to enclosed transportation services, you can save more than 50% of the amount. But later, you have to spend money on unnecessary repairs. It is your choice whether you consider this option or not.

4. Research and Compare

Whenever you need to hire a company for shipping your vehicle overseas, you must research thoroughly. After research, you will also find various companies with different shipping offers. You have to compare the amount you need to give them to transfer your favorite car from a location to another.

If you are getting low price by any company, you should check other things like terms, facilities, etc. You must finalize the service company after thorough research and proper comparison.

5. Bulk Shipping

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If you have more than one vehicle, you must go for the bulk shipping option. Many companies provide amazing offers on bulk transportation of automobiles. You can save a lot of money too. Simultaneously, you can transfer more than one vehicle and get a savings deal.

But you have to drop all your cars at the terminal and get them from another terminal. The entire risk will get halved, and hence, you can save your money through bulk vehicle transportation.

6. Consider the Car Size

You must know that it is cheap to ship small-sized cars across the country. If you have more than one car of different sizes, you should prefer to move the smaller ones. You will save a lot of money on small automobiles.

The smaller cars are pretty fuel-efficient, and it is one of the reasons why it is cheap to ship. Therefore, you must keep the size of your vehicle in your mind before you ship it overseas.

7. Create a Checklist

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If you need to keep things organized and track your vehicle shipping process, it is better to prepare a proper checklist. You can add all the necessary details of the locations and how your automobile will be moved globally. As the process takes place, you can check those entries and proceed further. In this way, you will know how the shipping process occurs.

You can add the checklist to your cloud to access it anywhere. You can also add a feature of notifications. Whenever anything as per your checklist happens, you will get a notification. It is easy to track your shipment and get your car on time.

8. Take Pictures

Before delivering your car to the shipment company, you must take pictures of your car. When you receive by the company in a different location, you can compare the condition of your car with the pictures. Check your tires, car body, fuel and more before letting it go is important.

If you notice any damage, you can ask for negotiation. Any damage will be the shipping company’s responsibility, and you can get compensation for the services. Therefore, taking pictures is an essential step that you must not forget before shipping your car.

Final Thoughts

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If you need to ship your vehicle across different countries, you can follow all the mentioned money-saving tips. Vehicle shipping overseas is not an easy task. But you can prefer various cheap ways to get it done easily and conveniently. Ensure that the service company you are hiring must serve you well at an affordable price.