How Plyometric Push – Ups Can Help Your Improve Boxing and Fitness

Everyone knows how to perform plyometric push-ups. It’s the first thing that we are taught as children. It’s very basic and is pretty available to everyone. But that’s not to say it’s easy, though. Indeed, plyometric push-ups can be extremely difficult.

However, the truth that matters is that they’re an essential exercise that needs to be incorporated into our exercise routines in the comfort of our homes or at the boxing gym.

Once you’ve established the fundamentals, you can alter your push-ups to modified ones to increase the difficulty. Different variations yield different results. These can adapt to meet your goals for fitness.


Push-ups are without doubt one of the best exercises to strengthening your functional strength. The greatest benefit of push-ups is that you do not require shoes, special equipment, clothing, or other equipment. There’s no need for any yoga mat. All you require is your body weight and capable hands. suppose want to take your interest into the higher levels, be sure to follow this link to stay staying up with the latest boxing news

There’s a lengthy list of advantages that could be attributed, at a minimum in part, to doing push-ups. However, you must focus on the right method to reap the maximum results. Let’s see the results you will get from this incredible exercise.

Tips On How to Perform Plyometric Push-Ups


Make Sure You Hold a Firm Grip

Hold your hands to the floor as if you’re trying to break the floor open. Do the push-down as if trying to get through the floor while turning your palms to the side. Your elbows and biceps must be parallel to your body. Don’t flare your elbows. This will create more stress on your pecs and triceps instead of on your shoulders. It will also reduce the risk of injuries.

Maintain A Straight Spine and Neck

Imagine a line that runs from your bottom back, through your neck, and above your head. It is important for this line to remain as parallel with the ground as possible. This can prevent injuries and discomfort in your lower back and neck. Also, avoid an unorthodox push-up whenever your core is getting exhausted. Your entire body should form uniform lines from your head to the toe.

Positioning of The Shoulders and Arms

When you are at the top of the push-up, you must take your arms off. Additionally, you must extend the shoulder blades. This means that your scapulae must move upwards and outwards from one of their counterparts. Do not move backwards or toward one another. Move your shoulders forward as if you’re trying to get them to meet to your chest.

During the push-up, do not turn your shoulders upwards towards your ears. Instead, you should press your shoulder blade as if you’re trying to push them down towards your butt.


Engage Your Glutes

The clenching of your butt helps to maintain your proper posture. If you’re relaxed, your lower back can be misaligned and fall towards the floor. If you press your glutes, the hips move to a position that aligns your spine. It’s also easier to engage your core while at the same time.

Focus Your Breath

Like any other exercise for strengthening, breathing is an essential aspect. Inhale as you lower your body and exhale while pushing upwards. This will ensure that your muscles get a consistent flow of oxygen.

Control at All Times

Do not make use of gravity and let yourself fall to the ground. The negative aspect of the push-up is just as important as getting back up. It will concentrate on the core and ensure that all the stabilization muscles also get exercise.

Benefits of Plyometric Push-Ups


Faster Muscle Contractions

A higher rate of force development or force rate could result in an increased rate of muscle contraction and more forces outputs. This can result in a greater capacity to increase force during the start of a move or at a particular stuck area. Plyometric exercises can increase the speed of muscle contractions.

Get Your Posture Back in Order.

Most people don’t pay attention to their posture. Actually, poor posture is a hallmark of the present day. The amount of time we’re spending in our chairs in a slumped position on our computer is ridiculous. It’s had a very negative effect on posture.

In reality, the correct push-up technique highlights the importance of maintaining your spine straight and your head pointing towards the future.

The correct posture is one you’ll need to be focusing on to keep up; however you should give it some time, and it will be so ingrained in your muscles that you’ll be standing tall even when you’re not in training.

Joint and Connective Tissue Health

Life is full of dynamic motions, occasions, events, and situations, all of which result in stress and pressure on our bodies in a wide variety of angles, velocities and electrical impulses—making sure that the body’s nervous systems and connective tissues, muscles and bones for these situations will increase the capacity to effectively take in the force and transmit it to safeguard oneself from the load on connective tissues and joints injuries. The ability to endure extreme forces at high speeds or in fatigue can help reduce injuries sustained from ballistic exercises or during straining exercises where the muscle fibers are stretched to the maximum levels.


Greater Muscle Recruitment

Certain types of muscle fibers are re-engaged in different degrees according to the number of stresses and demands. The muscle fibers that are fast-twitch are usually the first ones to be brought to action. Still, they can also be the most difficult muscle fibers to grow as they have to be targeted and trained to attain more involvement in various movements. Training in plyometric, like the plyometric push-up, could help to improve the recruitment of all the muscle fibers within the pectorals (chest) and the triceps and anterior shoulder to ensure that the contract and be stimulated at the highest levels. The result: the more muscle fibers used will result in greater force output and more power to complete tasks.

Enhance The Power of Knockouts and Athleticism

In the realm of martial art, push-ups play a significant role in boosting the power of knockouts and increasing overall athleticism.

It can, for instance, improve the sharpness of punches and more powerful in boxing and make elbows sharper and more efficient when practising Muay Thai. Integrating push-ups into your regimen of martial arts training will increase your power of striking. This is why many combat sports athletes opt for plyometric push-ups specifically to increase the power behind their combos.

Additionally, push-ups can help us develop into better athletes. This is not only the case for only martial arts but also other sports with a high speed of movement.

Final Words


Push-ups are among the most basic yet efficient exercises that we should do on a regular basis. In reality, if you only perform one exercise a day is within the confines of your own home, make push-ups your routine to reap many advantages.