Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a business that deals with the buying, selling, managing, investment, and operation of land and buildings. Real estate can also include natural resources above the land, such as crops. Real estate investment is lucrative, and many investors have waded, successfully and otherwise, in this river to share a piece of the cake.

An experience in sales can play a part in jumpstarting you as a real estate agent, but it requires more to succeed in those murky waters. Read on for top tips for being a successful real estate agent.

Will you be solo or join a team?


Going solo in your real estate venture implies that you will raise your capital or get capital from a relative or financial loan to begin your real estate venture. The real estate agency established by you will be your sole responsibility, and all proceeds or return on investment will be yours.

In this scenario, you will be solely responsible for generating your leads. Any lead generation service by online platforms will be paid solely by you from your capital. The pros of going solo include:

Profit maximization: You don’t get to share your spoils with anyone.

Easy and prompt decision-making: The challenge of putting almost every business decision to a vote is averted.

No partnership squabbles: every aspect of the business is solely run by you.

Some investors prefer venturing into the real estate business as partners. Poorly structured partnerships often result in disputes, but such scenarios are rare when rules and regulations governing the joint venture are properly drafted and legalized. Venturing into the real estate business as partners has its pros, such as shared capital investments and shared lead generation efforts.

Investing jointly with other real estate agents also helps investors distribute labor and expertise. One partner could be a seasoned sales professional and the other a financial expert who can help the team on financial aspects of the business. This way, the business benefits from a wide range of expertise without hiring extra personnel, thus helping in cost minimization.

Establish a market strategy early


Proper planning for your real estate business, such as a good go-to-customer strategy, is a sure way of jumpstarting and growing your business without hiccups. Early decision on the method you want to use to generate your leads, converting them into prospects, and qualifying them as your customers is essential and will save you money.

Real estate farming

Real estate farming is the identification and selection of a specific geographic area to operate your real estate business, where you unlock your potential to become an authority in that market. Doing this through efficiency, expertise, and the right tools leads to your product being sought after in that particular market.

A real estate investor should use the following methods to farm a real estate area:

Postcard marketing: where real estate investors use postcards to position their brand for visibility. The key to successful postcard marketing is to use a service that specializes in generating postcards for real estate, like Wise Pelican.

Door knocking: The real estate agent can perform door-to-door marketing campaigns to generate leads.

Hosting neighborhood events: Neighborhood events such as bock parties and networking events can be used to gather prospective customer contacts.

Google search ads: You can pay Google for customized Google search ads. Google targets clients by their demographics; therefore, you will reach the right target customers for your real estate business.

Focus on improving constantly


In any business endeavor, focus and determination are key in its growth. For your real estate business to grow and become an authority in the industry, focusing on constant improvement and determination will play a pivotal role in expanding your business. However, a business does not bloom overnight, and a real estate investor must observe patience to start realizing the benefits of their hard work.

Formulate a plan and set bi-annual or annual goals for your business, adhere to your plan, evaluate your performance. After that, note down the key areas that need improvement and act on them. This way, you’ll start realizing the progressive growth of your business.

Read books and listen to audiobooks

Books about real estate establishment and development are many out there. eBook platforms such as Kindle, Amazon books, or have many beneficial eBooks that dwell on real estate development, such as:

The ABC of Real Estate by Ken Mc Elroy,

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Jay Papasan, and

How to Invest in Real Estate by Joshua Dorkin.

These ebooks will give you insights into the dos and don’ts of real estate, which will help your enterprise to grow.

Invest in real estate coaching


In the tech world today, we have various options when looking for online coaching. You can choose to subscribe to paid coaching online, on topics ranging from the ABCs of running a business to the most intricate bits about managing a real estate investment. Alternatively, you can select the best, in-depth, and easy-to-understand free video on YouTube, which will give you insights on how to become an authority in your field.

Network with Top-Producing Agents


Along the way, it will be prudent for you to network with established brands in the market. Don’t be afraid to learn from your competition. They have been in the market longer than you or probably have a bigger market share. Therefore, learning the ropes of handling the business from them will benefit your growth.

Some of your competitors won’t offer free advice to you, but just keeping them close will help you observe how they go about their daily business, thus offering you some key learning points.


To be a successful real estate agent, you must be resilient, patient, and disciplined. You have to formulate a marketing plan and treat your business as a project by analyzing, implementing, monitoring, and properly evaluating. Personal development through continuous online one-on-one coaching and reading eBooks about real estate also plays a major role in developing your real estate business.

Perfect your real estate farming techniques, and finally, don’t be afraid to network with your competition to learn the ropes of doing business in the dynamic field of real estate.