Is It Worth Using a Recruitment Agency? 6 Things to Know

There is no doubt that finding the best candidates can get tedious. Because the unemployment rate is low today, the competition between candidates is unexpectedly increasing.

Besides, some exceptional job seekers you find are usually passive, mainly because they already have a well-paid full-time job elsewhere. Thus, this can mean that advertising an open role isn’t always enough to attract exceptional job seekers. You might also be spending a lot of time just to find an ideal candidate. 

Apart from that, the absence of a recruiting team in your company can drain the other employees, keeping in mind the workload and other parameters. Sometimes, the presence of a recruiting team might not attract the best candidate. Therefore, opting for recruitment agencies christchurch can be beneficial.

Should You Consider Going For A Recruitment Agency?

If you opt for a recruiting agency, then there are numerous advantages that you can benefit from immensely. Yet again, one cannot neglect the downsides of recruitment agencies. Thus, this is because you cannot predict the times of inflation. Some pros, as well as cons of a recruitment agency, are listed below.


Here are some pros of opting for a recruitment agency.

  • Extremely Fast Hiring

When you choose services from a recruitment agency, a lot of time will be saved. You will also notice numerous job positions filling at a surprising rate. One of the main advantages here is that you do not have to scan numerous profiles or resumes. A recruitment agency will do your work and deliver the top most suited candidates for the open positions.

Sometimes, such agencies can find the best candidates faster than your company’s recruiting team. Thus, this is mainly because many recruitment agencies maintain a talent network. So, when you seek new individuals for an open role, the agency looks into its talent pool to find individuals with the right skills.

  • Suitable Candidates

When a recruitment agency does your work, they choose high-quality individuals for an open position. Because they already have a talent network maintained, many candidates have already been pre-referenced or even pre-screened. Thus, this also means that one will be assessing the top candidates who have been vetted carefully.

  • Industry Specialists

A recruitment agency has many experienced specialists for hiring employees for a particular industry. Sometimes, you might not find specialist knowledge coming from an in-house recruiter, since they may be familiar with only one type of role or two roles of your company.

However, a recruitment agency has a team of individuals who are aware of the hiring processes in numerous industries. They also possess good knowledge as well as a deep understanding of how the majority of the market segments work. It is because of this aspect that recruitment agencies usually provide the best candidates to you.


Here are some cons of opting for a recruitment agency.

  • High Cost

The services offered by a recruitment agency can be costly. Numerous agencies usually charge approximately 30% of an employee’s yearly salary. Sometimes, the cost can increase, especially if there are issues when searching for the right fit. Either way, you will have to pay some fixed amount before you opt for services from a recruiting agency.

However, hiring an in-house recruiter can save a lot of costs.

Besides, you have enough space to experiment and test many recruitment channels before starting. Instead of using your money on an agency, you can invest it in something that yields high returns. One can also build a talent network. This way, they do not have to go through a tiresome process later.

  • Absence Of Cultural Fit

Recruitment agencies usually neglect the cultural fit of the candidates, and you might not always get the best one. Sometimes, many candidates may not be suitable for the culture of your company or your team. In short, assessing the cultural fit of the candidate may not be carried out by the recruitment agency.

Some of the best agencies will usually work hard to learn your company culture as well as the policies of your team. However, ordinary recruiters from an agency might not have an understanding that coincides with your level of understanding, and therefore, you might find it difficult to adjust to the newly recruited ones.

  • Absence Of Branding

If you take the shortcut of opting for an agency, you might not get an opportunity to learn more about your company’s branding strategy. In short, you need to understand the recruiting process not only helps you assess the candidate but also helps you assess the open roles in your company. Each step of recruitment can promote your presence as an employer.

However, letting a recruiting agency do your work might not give you the power of employer brand. Thus, this is because someone else is presenting your brand and assessing potential candidates for an open role. Sometimes, prospective candidates might also create impressions about your company from the second-hand data they receive from an agency recruiter.


Although an agency can help you search for the best candidates way faster, it can be extremely expensive. Apart from that, these agencies may not be able to understand the culture of your company as well.

In short, they can bring the best candidates, but they might not always get candidates that are the best or a great fit for the open role at your company. Therefore, one might have to give a lot of thought before opting for a recruitment agency. One aspect you can consider is assessing the advantages of having a high-quality in-house recruiter for all your recruiting needs.

If you believe the company can greatly benefit from having an in-house recruiter, then consider opting for this choice. However, if you feel like the company has less time and therefore needs a quick fix, then you can consider investing on a long-term basis by opting for a recruiting agency! By giving the above-mentioned aspects consideration, you can determine if your company requires a recruitment agency or not!