Neon Signs in Advertising: 5 Benefits and How to Use Them Properly

The sector of advertising has evolved into a rich history. The use of neon signs for outdoor advertising is one such instance. Neon is a noble gas that, when passed with electricity, absorbs energy and lights something. In the competitive business world, they have been one of the fascinating ways to grab attention for decades. 

These signs work with luminous discharged gas tubes to radiate extreme luminance. The gases in these tubes are non-reactive. And they contain colorless, tasteless and odorless chemicals. Their chief purpose is to highlight letters and add eye-catching lighting. So that the required message of the companies obtains excellent visibility, these signs for small business are an ideal investment. Orange and red are primarily used, but other colors can also get generated. The energy they use is equivalent to a 100-watt bulb. 

5 Major Benefits Of Neon Signs

Here are the top five benefits of getting neon signs for advertising. 

Neon Signs Are Long-lasting

Neon signs are resistant. They can prevail for up to 12 years. There is no need to worry about wirings or quality deterioration. The only thing to look after is the construction. Make sure that an expert craftsman fits the neon signs to the boardings. However, stumbling electricity can cause harm to the signs. 

They Are Versatile & Customizable 

The uses of Neon signs are adaptable to each & every business requirement. They are versatile and customizable. They come in a large number of different shapes, sizes and colors. So it easily gets matched to unique and specific goals. However, look up the installation and maintenance charges. Usually, they come at reasonable charges.  

They Are Eco-Friendly

Neon lights are not only energy efficient but also eco-friendly. Based on the brightness they provide, they still require less amount of electricity and energy. They consume less energy than fluorescent. Thus, producing less carbon footprint. Installing them is an investment for advertising campaigns. And as they last up to 12 years, they will produce less waste. So, considering them becomes the wisest choice. 

They Have Majestic Visibility

The visibility of neon signs is immaculate. The lighting that they provide is sustainable and majestically eye-catching. The colors produced by them are fluorescent and dazzling. A human’s eye will naturally get drawn to them. Thus, it will make the message of any advertiser stand out. It is an excellent choice for an advertisement that launches a new product or brand. 

Provides Night Functionality

Neon signs can enhance visibility during nighttime as well. The lights can reach even a far distance with a good luminance. Therefore, the advertisement boarding can also shower its impact in the dark. People traveling can get an idea of the place too. Plus, this opportunity can get creatively used to promote brand awareness. Or it can be the best option for specific advertising with a night theme. 

How To Use A Neon Sign

Every business will need a team of professionals to install a neon sign. Enterprises can partner with such facilitators to handle such advertisement campaigns whenever required. 

Although, any individual having the basic knowledge of technicalities can get it installed. 

In either case, it is necessary to understand that placing a neon sign is not like a construction project. Overall putting the neon takes only a couple of hours. The best time to position it is late at night or early morning. There should be less traffic and fewer people, so it would be convenient to put it. 

Another thing to remember is that the sign should be brand new or at least in good condition. Do not forget that it holds your brand reputation. An old, used sign will not be that effective. Here the team can ensure that the boards are flawless to use. 

To use neon, it is also compulsory to select the appropriate place. Not all localities allow neon signs. A business needs to take permission and check with specific guidelines. Apart from this, depending on the advertisement, the place should be chosen—the area or the road that is highly taken by the target audience. 

Then it also becomes equally important to know about competitors’ signs. Get aware of the other nearby neon signs before placing yours. They can be taken as examples. The neon signs should not resemble the other boards placed in that area. 

History Of Neon Signs

Neon light got developed in 1912 in France. An engineer, Georges Claude, made the “Moore tube,” later known as the neon tube. He was inspired by the American electronic engineer Daniel McFarlan Moore’s invention of nitrogen-based light. 

Its entrance into the world of business goes back to 1923. The time when the neon got witnessed by the people of the United States. Then it entered California in the formation of two blue-colored uniform signs via a dealer. It had the written words PACKARD in orange color.  

On the way, while traveling to Los Angeles, the dealer placed it on a highway. This amazed the people passing by and captivated them to stop and give it a look. Coincidentally, this is how neon lights got popular worldwide. And since 1974, the sign is still in operation.

Today, it plays a crucial role in advertising. It also works in a photo studio, hotel decoration, home decoration, airport gliding, ornamenting lamps, etc. And compared to other modern technologies, neon consumes less than 50% of electricity. It may be old, but it is still efficient and effective as an excellent utility. 


Neon Signs are masterpieces. They can help to boost the recognition and brand image. There are a lot of companies dealing with neon signs. It is available everywhere in the market. The distributors come with an experience of about 20 years in outdoor advertising and personalized graphics for it. Book a creative and dedicated team of experts. And explain the idea of publishing advertisements with comfort. Remember that the company is also well-updated and equipped with the latest tools.