12 Effective Sales Contest Ideas to Motivate Employees

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. In the age of Twitter and Facebook, it’s essential to get your personnel to sell the company’s products and services. They’re happy to do it, but you need to inspire them to do it. The right sales contest can make all the difference in motivating your employees and … Read more

Sales Forecasting Guide: Definition, Methods, and Examples

In the world of business, sales forecasting plays a critical role. Sales forecasting is the process of projecting sales performance over a period of time, enabling management to make confident decisions regarding sales and marketing strategy. Businesses generally have two main goals in mind when forecasting future sales: 1. To forecast the sales of a … Read more

Top 35 Open Ended Sales Questions (With Examples)

Open ended sales questions are a great way to get prospective clients to ask us their questions. However, once the first question comes out, we realize we need to have a list of answers ready.  This list of open ended sales questions is a great resource. These questions can be answered either with our responses … Read more