What Is Sales Enablement? Process, Framework and Tools

Sales Enablement is a term that is used to describe the process of helping businesses to become more productive through agile selling techniques. Sales Enablement is a vital part of every business organisation. It is critical that sales enablement is not only developed and implemented, but also the people and processes are also properly managed. … Read more

How to Overcome 10 Most Common Sales Objections

In sales, objections are the most common and the most important. If you don’t prepare for them ahead of time, they can cost you big time. In this article, we’ll cover the most common objections, what you should be prepared to answer, and how to handle each one in the best way possible. Salespeople have … Read more

What Is Consultative Selling? Process, Techniques, Examples

Consultative selling is a sales approach that involves the client’s needs and wants, as opposed to the product or service being sold. Many companies are using the consultative selling approach in order to retain their customers. Consultative selling enables companies to be more proactive in the sales process and allows companies to provide a better … Read more

10 Sales Voicemail Scripts That Get Calls Returned

We get a lot of calls on our sales voicemail. The calls are usually returned quickly with a “thanks for calling” and a follow up call later. We use a handful of voicemail scripts to give our prospects a quick answer to our calls and to give us the opportunity to offer more information. The … Read more