What State In Canada Has The Most Job Opportunities In 2024?

Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world when it comes to immigration. There are many reasons for that, like good healthcare, education, high living standard, excellent infrastructure, and a lot of potential to open a business or to start a career in many fields.

It is important to know that this country is open for immigration, but there are some terms to be aware of as well. Moreover, they are accepting different levels of education and experience. If you are planning to start working in Canada, you will need to contact the company and find the job first.

On the other side, you should research more about the details related to different states and available opportunities, quality of life, and other features. If you are interested in moving to Leduc, check out available jobs in Leduc ab. We are going to introduce you to the best provinces in Canada for job opportunities in 2024.

British Columbia

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We are going to start with the state that has had the highest increase in new jobs in recent years. There is the increase of over 6% in 2024 when we compare it to the previous year. Also, it is important to mention that there is a plan to increase the number of new positions by over 1 million in the best 8 years.

That represents an important factor for those interested in moving to this country. When it comes to the positions that are most in demand, we have to mention the healthcare system, especially nurses. The requirements are to be a licensed and experienced nurse. There is a plan to hire more than 20,000 of them in the next 20 years. The average wage for this position is over $40 per hour.

It is not a surprise that the IT sector is very popular. The most popular positions and highest demand is for positions like system analysts and consultants, with an average hour of nearly $40, and more than 13,000 new positions that will be available in the following years. If you are experienced with web development and other areas related to computer programming, you can expect at least $1,500 per week as a starting salary.


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This province has the plan to increase the population and number of available jobs by over 100,000 in the next 10 years. The interesting detail is that the number of new businesses and available positions is higher than the demand for new jobs in this state, which is a very important detail for those interested in moving to Alberta.

The most important this is that finding a job there won’t be difficult. When it comes to the positions that are facing the highest demand, we have to mention drivers, teachers, and construction workers. Alberta is working hard on development, and the great thing is that people without a degree have a lot of opportunities in this place, especially when it comes to truck drivers and construction workers.

The salary is very high when we compare it to many other countries. You can earn more than $30 per hour as a driver, and the similar salary is for construction workers. Teachers will have excellent conditions as well, with an average salary of around $60k.

Nova Scotia

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The annual increase in new positions available represents a very important factor for people who want to immigrate to this country. That rate is over 5% in Nova Scotia. Since it is very popular for tourists, it is not a surprise that the service sector is facing a high demand for new workers, and we can notice the same in the construction sector and new production lines.

The service is especially popular for immigrants since it does not require a degree, and even if you have one, this can be a great opportunity to start in this country until you find a desired job. Even though salary is not as high as for some other positions, you will still manage to earn at least $15 per hour.

You will have similar conditions for jobs in the construction sector and manufacture, but if you are a qualified expert in some area, such as engineer or product manager, you can expect a starting salary of $150k per year.


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This is one of the most popular provinces in the country, and it is offering a lot of opportunities. It is also one of the most populated parts of the country, with around 15 million people. That means that there are many available companies and wide range of available jobs. The most popular is the IT sector, and positions like software engineer, media developer, and database analyst.

Also, you can expect an excellent starting conditions and high salary, which is around $70k for all of these positions, and can be even higher according to your previous experience and company that hires you.


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The best indicator that you won’t struggle with finding a job in this place is the low unemployment rate of under 4%. However, keep in mind that French is more common in this part of the country. The most popular sectors are finance, engineering, and IT.

The salaries are higher than the national average, and the starting position should provide you with at least $60k per year. If you already have a lot of experience in any of these areas, you can expect that the starting salary will be even higher.

Last Words

As you can see, the most parts of Canada are developing very fast, and the main reason why that represents a very important factor for immigrants is the fact that this country is facing an issue with the lack of workforce.

Therefore, they have great conditions for people from other countries when it comes to providing residency and citizenships. If you have a degree and experience, the process of finding a job here won’t be so difficult. On the other side, a high demand in sectors like service, delivery, and construction represents a great opportunity for people without a degree.