A How-To Guide for Making Funeral Arrangements

Making funeral arrangements can be frustrating and draining as you are still in mourning over the loss of a loved one. There are many details to take care of over a short period when emotions are all over the place. This is why you need a plan of handling things, especially in cases where you will need cremation services Seattle.

This article provides a step-by-step guide to giving your beloved the send-off they deserve.

Checking for any Pre-arrangements by the Deceased

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More often than not, the deceased may live behind a plan of how to bury them. If you are in charge of the funeral arrangements, you will have to look for the plans either from the will or close confidants of the deceased. You can ask around for any initial burial plans before embarking on this task.

If the deceased had made such arrangements, you have to see them through. However, in cases where you can’t actualize them because of financial strains or other reasons, only then can you make your arrangements.

Such plans can reduce the stress and the expenses if they have insurance or have paid for a funeral home. If the deceased requested cremation, you should make plans with cremation services Seattle.

Settling the Deceased in a Funeral Home

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If the deceased had requested or had made plans for a specific funeral home, you should follow their requests. If not, consult the next of kin and arrange to have the deceased transferred to a suitable funeral home.

Settling on Burial or Cremation

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One of the most difficult decisions a family has to make after losing a loved one is whether to bury or cremate them. The decision on the type of funeral is usually dependent on several factors. Budget is one such factor. Cremation is more affordable than a burial.

The wishes of the next of kin and close loved ones also determine how to send off the deceased, especially if they did not leave specific instructions. Whatever the decision, you should make prior arrangements with cremation services Seattle or burial services to make the necessary plans.

If you choose to bury the deceased, make plans for a casket, hearse, and burial site.

Making Financial Plans

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Funerals are usually costly and cannot be left only for the family. If the deceased had made financial plans in anticipation of their death, insurance, or otherwise, it is usually highly beneficial and makes the funeral plans run smoothly.

If there were no prior plans, you should plan what you need for the funeral and then create a budget for that. This makes it easier to seek financial aid from extended family and friends.


Making funeral arrangements is hard enough as a task, let alone dealing with all the emotions. If you can afford it, you should hire a funeral director to handle all the funeral logistics as you mourn your loved one. You can also make initial funeral plans, financials, and logistics to ensure you don’t leave a heavy burden on your loved ones when your time comes. You can also hire cremation services Seattle if you prefer cremation to burial.