How Profitable Is Running an Online Casino in 2024

Online casinos are often talked about from the players’ point of view, but the site that many forget is the owners of these services. Most often  like XoSlot it is not one person, but can be several business partners or a company that has shared ownership.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, people were quite comfortable visiting land-based casinos, having fun, and socializing. Even in the pre-coronavirus era, the gambling industry, along with bookmakers, was the most lucrative business in the entire economy. That has not changed in 2020, nor now, because the interest exists and is constantly growing, only the customers are now in front of their computers or with mobile phones in hand.

Is there still a point in starting a casino business?

When an industry is developed like gambling, you have the opportunity to join and be incredibly successful or the huge competition does not even give you a chance to be noticed. In terms of profitability, it also depends on the ways in which you will conduct the work and how many active users you will have.

Keep in mind that owning an online casino does not only mean buying domain and server space, but also regular maintenance, gaming licenses, work permits, and payment methods.

Does it sound like too much work or as a challenge?


From the answer to this question, you can decide if you would be serious in business or if you think it can bring you quick money.

Such a step requires a very large investment, but also a huge amount of knowledge and sense of doing business.

If you feel that you do not have enough money to start your own casino, then you could offer cooperation to one of the existing ones and introduce it to your market. With just a glance at 360bet, it will become clear to you how a service that was not initially available in the Netherlands, can now be chosen by any gambler. You can do the same for any franchise that does not exist in your country, provided the owner agrees.

This is a partial solution to your ambition and will certainly bring some profit, but most of the “pie” is taken by the owners.

What has the Covid-19 pandemic brought to the gambling industry?

At first, things looked pretty bad, but two years later, we can only conclude that:

– New games are introduced. Visit XoSlot for more games.
– An innovative approach is nurtured

– The pages are optimized for the users

– The competition is growing every day

– The number of users is constantly increasing

– Many countries legalize online casinos

– Many individuals are involved in this business

– New entities are created that organize games of chance

Covid-19 does not seem to have brought anything bad to the industry in particular. Due to that fact, we can say that for those who already have their own casino, it still brings them profit, and will bring them in the future, if they attract players with interesting offers.

How much do top casinos earn every year?


According to some estimates, the number of active licensed online casinos exceeds 2,500. There are also those who are in the process of obtaining appropriate certificates for work. The licenses are usually issued by the United Kingdom, Malta, Curacao, Panama, and Gibraltar, which are considered the most legitimate in the industry.

There are data that the top 10 casinos make a profit of 10 billion dollars in one year, which means that on average, everyone has millions in earnings.

Gambling industry and its evolution

We have already mentioned jurisdictions where licenses are issued, but did you know that many other countries are already in the process of obtaining competencies of this type. Surely in 2024, there will be other countries that are licensed to issue licenses to online casinos.

Another aspect we can analyze is the presence of cryptocurrencies in this industry. Only a few months ago it was a real rarity to find an online casino that supports cryptocurrencies, but now it is available to us as users.

Advertising is no longer a taboo subject and we will often see advertisements on television, radio, billboards, and web banners. Many countries will in fact legalize gambling, with certain legal restrictions.

With the adaptation of the 5G network, all these things will go much faster, and space will be opened for the development of more innovative games.

How to make a profit by running an online casino?

Knowing that there are already too many such services, success and profitability are really big challenges. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You must research the market, detect the weaknesses, and then create a proper plan. Include something new, unique, and innovative. You should attract the customers, and they should choose you, over any other service in the world.

It is true that in such a competition it is difficult to find something new, but we are sure that if you are committed enough, you can make a quality product for your customers.

In the beginning, this will be an investment that can drain your pocket, but in the long run, we believe that it will be profitable and will bring you profit.

Surely, you may not expect to make billions in one year, but as long as there are members, and you run it successfully, there is always a chance that it will grow and become big enough to bring you huge profits.



If you use the right moment and if there is something that is no longer covered in your home market, then we are sure that no matter what year it is, your online casino will be profitable.

The fact that there are thousands of similar companies can be discouraging or disappointing, but you have only two options – to choose to open your own gambling service and work on being better than the competition, or to divert your ideas and money to something else.

We are sure you will make the right choice at this point.