10 Top Tips to Soundproof Your Home

Soundproofing a house is an important task. It’s not the first thing that’ll cross your mind when it comes to home renovations, but it should be. You don’t want to be woken up by neighbor’s kids every morning or that one guy who always plays his car trumpet? A milkman?  Of course, you don’t. This brings us back to our subject – soundproofing. Let’s talk about the 10 top tips to soundproof your home. Let’s start.

1. Seal The Doors and Windows

Source: thespruce.com

Both of these aspects of the house are important. There are a lot of cracks surrounding doors and windows and to stop sound from coming in you need to take care of them. Also, choose doors with less glass if possible for better soundproofing. Solid ones will do the trick.

2. Insulation

Modern houses can’t be imagined without insulation. If you have an older home maybe you need to make insulation a reality. There are many options such as acoustic panels, or MLV insulation. There are other options and you can explore some together with the Quiet Ninjas. They know what they’re doing regarding sound as the name suggests.

3. Storm Windows

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W don’t know the area where you live, but if it’s one with a lot of rain and wind, you’ll want to look into storm windows. Do you know what we’re talking about? Thick glass and strong frames are what you need.

4. Chimney Caps

Yes, chimneys make a lot of unnecessary noise. You might not be aware of this, or simply forget it as you don’t look down at a chimney all the time but it’s the truth. Putting a cap on will reduce the noise significantly.

5. Acoustic Tiles

Source: amacoustics.com

We’re now on the interior. You should always look to buy the most acoustic tiles you can find. Using them on floors and the walls will reduce the noise moving around your home and they’ll be able to contain it in certain parts of your home.

6. Construction Techniques

This is best applied when you’re starting your place from the ground up. It is when you can use various construction techniques that will reduce the noise within the house. The best soundproofing is done when the home is built from the bottom. It is easier to incorporate these techniques when there’s no home to speak of.

7. Bookcases

Source: independent.co.uk

Books are not only good for your education, but they’re also great for soundproofing. Use the ones that reach to the ceiling, and be sure that they’re filled with books. You’ll have a quality read but also you’d be able to do it in silence.

8. Rugs

Yes, rugs are back in trend. If you want silence to think about rugs. Think about those large Persian rugs. The ones you can put both on the floor and the wall. On both sides, it will reduce the echo of the room significantly.

9. Add Walls

Source: yoursoncontracting.com

New walls to the house? Impossible! Not exactly. It’s not what you think. We’re talking about natural walls. If your home is close to the street and the traffic you should start thinking about Trees and hedges. Nature offers the best insulation.

10. Machine Solution

Today you have many options such as white-noise machines. They’ll remove some of the silent sounds and won’t do the trick against the loud ones, but it is an option. You can consider it if none of the above does the trick.