Santa Ana, CA Real Estate Market 2024: Trends and Predictions

The real estate marketplace is well known for being volatile and unpredictable. Only when someone follows the market trends and news regularly will they know what will happen in the real estate market. No matter how good a home is, people always want to add a touch of personalization; because of this, they spend more.

Knowing the marketplaces and trends is essential to ensure that you get the best deal and profit out of your purchase and are comfortable with your budget when adding those personalization touches.

In California, Orange County is home to the city of Santa Ana. It’s centered around diverse lifestyles, the beach, fairs, and professional sports teams. Santa Ana is well known for having vibrant scenarios and beautiful homes; currently, there are Santa Ana homes for sale. Read below to learn about the various trends and predictions in the market.

Condition Of The Real Estate Market Over The Last Year


Each and every year, there is a difference in the condition of the real estate market. At times even if the market seems stable, the difference can go back as far as five years to notice the ups and downs. The condition of the real estate market has three factors that bring about the market trends. Please read below to know more about these three factors and how they have been in the last year in Santa Ana, CA.

●     Housing Prices

Housing prices are the measures by which the value of the house gets evaluated according to the availability and need of the people. The correct prediction about housing prices helps people save up on money and have the best deal in their budget. More than anyone, real estate owners pay attention to the news and the marketplace to determine correct predictions and act accordingly.

●     Housing Rents

When housing prices go up, housing rents are next in line to go up as well. When home buyers increase more than home sellers, and the prices skyrocket, people look to rent homes. But in the end, every place has someplace that is bound to get filled. In this scenario, any new person looking for a place to rent must match the current market price and the sites available.

●     Home Listings

Home listings are essential to regulate the prices in the marketplace. The lesser houses that get listed for sale, the higher the cost of houses goes up. However, more places get listed in the market, and the prices go down to some level. The number of homes on the listing does not affect the rent of a place.

Current Real Estate Trends In Santa Ana City


Compared to last year, there have been various changes and ups and downs in the real estate marketplace of Santa Ana. Previous year houses got sold in under 28 days after listing, but this year the places have stayed on the list for at least 57 days on average. The number of houses sold last year was 82, but this year not more than 60 houses got sold in the month of February. In comparison to the previous year, there have been significant downfalls in the number of homes sold since last year on average.

There have been various dips in the pricing of houses in the past year. But currently, the median price in the marketplace is 2.6% lower than the last year, about $754,500. But according to the data from the previous five years, the market in Santa Ana has grown at least 21% or more.

Many houses get multiple offers which usually determines how long they’ll be in the market. Places that have many offers stay in the market for an average of 22 days and sell for at most 1% lower than the listed price. Whereas places that don’t get as many offers stay on the market for at least 56 days this year. The pricing for these houses is at most 1-5 % lower than the price listed. Over the past year, the decline in sale-to-list prices has been at most 2% on average.

Predictions Of The Real Estate Market Of Santa Ana City


According to the ups and downs and the marketplace, this year, it is said to be good for house owners but less for buyers. The prices of houses in Santa Ana, CA, are expected to go up this year with very few chances of lowering the costs. According to the present and predicted future state, any investment made today will go up by at least 13% in the next five years. If one waits for ten years, then the prices are predicted to increase by at least 25-30%.

According to the number of houses on the listing and loan interest rates, 2024 isn’t the best time to invest for short-term purposes, but it can be one of the best choices for the long term. From next year and onwards, the affordability of homes in Santa Ana will decrease at an alarming rate. Because of this, the competition in the year 2024 is high but could significantly reduce in the next few years. At this time, there will be a few houses in some areas with lower prices, which would be an excellent investment for which people would have to wait until then.

Competition, mortgage rates, and affordability are a few factors that affect housing prices each and every month. Keeping them in mind, one can easily find opportunities to buy houses at lower prices than others. Without them purchasing homes in the future, Santa Ana will have lots of competition and higher prices than this year.


Many people dream of purchasing houses of their choice at a good deal. For this, not only do they contact real estate agents, but they also keep an update on the current market and its trends. Whenever there are property sales in the location of their favor, people jump to the opportunity for living as well as investing purposes. According to the market trends and predictions, Santa Ana will give both its home buyers and sellers good returns this year.